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Teneo is the network for modern thinkers and doers on a mission to advance human flourishing.

Our first, last, and only goal is to ensure human flourishing. We believe that the solutions to our nation’s most pressing challenges are found when modern methods meet classic ideas. We work together across industries, geographies, and ideologies to creatively launch the projects that advance the human condition.

  • We believe in limited, constitutional government.
  • We support individual liberty and free enterprise.
  • We place trust in a robust civic society and a strong national defense.
  • We acknowledge a transcendent order, whether founded in tradition, philosophy, or theology.

Teneo recruits extraordinary men and women from diverse fields who share a commitment to modern conservatism. Across art, finance, media, law, medicine, and entertainment, individual experiences amplify collective impact.

From training and teaching to mentorship, from national and chapter events to community dinners, we focus on flourishing in every part of one’s life. We adhere tightly to core principles of assembly that emphasize agile, iterative process—and we learn primarily by doing.

Our Design Principles

Member Spotlight

Kirsten Haglund

Political Analyst, Anchor

A women’s advocate and former Miss America, Kirsten talks policy across major cable news networks. She works passionately to bring awareness to eating disorders, and her Foundation offers aid to those overcoming them.

New York

Glen Gilzean

Pres. & CEO of Central FL Urban League

An advocate for the disadvantaged, Glen leads the Central Florida Urban League. He serves on the 9th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission, appointed by Governor Scott.


Connor Wilson

Co-Founder of Thursday Boot Company

Connor’s story spans finance and fashion, equities and e-commerce. He’s currently the Co-founder and COO of Thursday Boot Co., a leading consumer brand based in NYC.

New York

Yinon Weiss

Founder and CEO, CarDash

Yinon’s story takes him from the Marine Corps to cars. A husband and father of three, he has served in the Marine Corps and Army Special Forces, as CEO of RallyPoint and now as CEO of CarDash.

Bay Area

Akash Chougule

Policy Director, Americans for Prosperity

Free-Market Grassroots Advocate; Forbes “30 Under 30” for Law & Policy; Member of Global Shapers, a project of the World Economic Forum


Emily Ekins

Fellow & Director at Cato Institute

Finger on the Pulse: Leads Project on Public Opinion at Cato; Director of Polling at Reason; Harvard Business School Research Associate


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